Finally, a revolutionary new skincare with advanced liposome technology

 Home 1 The Revolutionary New Scientific Skincare Formulation with advance Liposome Technology for deep skin hydration and protection against premature aging and environmental toxins.

Home 3Clinical and scientific research has validated the efficacy of Vesiderm™ liposomes in Collagen Induction in Human Dermal Fibroblast and protecting skin against moisture loss and penetration of external toxic agent.

Home 5Vesi+Derm unique scientific formulation contains 10 trillion Vesiderm™ liposomes per ml to fortify the skin against harsh environmental pollutants and revitalize skin.

Home 7Vesi +Derm skin range is suitable for use on severe dry and sensitive skin. It helps to promote healthy skin by providing instant relief from the dry itchiness of inflamed skin in psoriasis and eczema.

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Vesiderm Liposomes – the new differentiator in skincare

Vesiderm™ Liposomes are made using yolk lecithin, a well-known health supplement and a rich source of essential fats and fat-soluble micronutrients that are functionally critical for our brain, heart, liver, and skin. Vesiderm technology efficiently organises these essential fats and micronutrients into tiny nanosized liposomes with a central water core.    These features enable fats and fat-soluble nutrients to be easily delivered to cells in our body.

Our bodies uses Liposome-like structures such as exosomes are used for many important functions in our body (eg. cell-to-cell delivery or communication vehicles). Like exosomes, liposomes can readily penetrate the skin or be taken up by cells to deliver lipids and micronutrients.  As Vesiderm™  Liposomes are made using egg yolk lecithin , which is composed of human-like skin lipids , they are more compatible with human skin. They have been shown to be improve the vitality of human skin and stem cells, and enhance collagen production by human skin cells.

Vesi+Derm – the new skincare with highly effective skin moisturizing Vesiderm liposomes

The secret to healthy youthful skin is a robust skin barrier to protect against environmental toxins, germs , radiation, and water loss.  When the skin barrier is compromised by the environment or the ravages of aging, the skin loses its smooth hydrated suppleness and becomes dry, cracked, rough, itchy and inflamed.

Vesi+Derm skin moisturiser promotes advanced fortification of the skin barrier with appropriate skin lipids and water that are critical in maintaining a robust skin barrier and a healthy skin. Vesi+Derm skin moisturizing range with true Liposomes are uniquely formulated to fortify the skin barrier as they penetrate skin barrier to deliver their cargo of skin lipid precursors and water where they are most needed.

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Vesi+Derm light and fast absorbing lotion leaves no greasy residue and provides immediate relief of dryness, reducing skin inflammation and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

Home 11Vesi+Derm Skin Fortifying Body Lotion 200ml

  • For Dry and Sensitive Skin
  • A must have daily moisturizing lotion for good efficacious skin hydration
  • Daily hydration for healthy, hydrated and supple skin


Home 13Vesi+Derm Intense Skin Fortifying Cream 75ml

  • New
  • For Severe Dry and Sensitive Skin
  • Intense hydration and lasting protection against harsh dry conditions and toxic environmental pollutants

Vesi+Derm is the daily moisturizing lotion for you and your family today

For healthy hydrated supple skin, use Vesi+Derm daily.

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