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Vesiderm was started with a focus on developing and commercializing innovative process technologies and applications in the skincare industry.

Our story began when a team of scientists at A-STAR Singapore developed an innovative technology to manufacture liposomes rapidly on a massive scale. These liposomes were carefully analysed and verified by electron microscopy, nano particle tracking analysis and mass spectrometry to be “true” liposomes that are uniformly sized with a diameter of 150 nanometers.

Liposomes are spherical lipid “bubbles” used primarily in the pharmaceutical industry for drug delivery and in high-end cosmetic products because of the prohibitively high cost of production. A-STAR innovation significantly reduces the cost of manufacturing true bona fide liposomes and expands the use of liposomes beyond pharmaceuticals and high end cosmetics.

Vesiderm acquired a licence to the technology in 2014, and used the technology to manufacture our proprietary Vesiderm™ Liposomes from egg yolk lecithin as actives in daily skincare products.

Rigorous extensive research by A-STAR scientists, in collaboration with KKH Paediatric Dermatologists, found that the topical application of our unique Vesiderm™  liposomes reinforces skin barrier function against chemical agents such as psoriasis-inducing IMQ, thus alleviating inflammation. This discovery represents a new disruptive innovation in skin care and skin moisturising that will be of significant benefit to in alleviating age-associated chronic inflammation and aging process in the skin.

Vesiderm manufactures and markets this unique scientific formulation under Vesi+Derm – the flagship brand for the line of skin care products. Vesi+Derm Daily Skin Fortifying Body Lotion was the first product to be launched. To address challenging new skincare needs, new high-quality products incorporating our proprietary technology will be continuously added to our development pipeline.