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Vesiderm science and technology is developed by A-STAR scientists and KKH paediatric dermatologists. Vesiderm™ Liposomes are highly efficacious moisturizers because they are rapidly absorbed by the skin to deliver their cargo of skin lipid precursors and water where they can best fortify the skin barrier.

Vesiderm™ Liposomes are made of egg yolk lecithin because egg yolk lecithin is enriched in human skin lipid precursors, and micronutrients. Importantly, egg yolk lecithin is classified as Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by the US FDA, and have a long safety track record as additives in many pharmaceutical preparations.

The relevance of Vesiderm™ liposome to skin health

Vesiderm™ Liposomes are made of egg yolk lipids because they are rich in stratum corneum lipid precursors and could supplement our skin lipids.

In Vesiderm™ Liposomes, the lipids are configured into water-soluble bi-lipid globular structures with a water core. Such structures enable Vesiderm™ Liposomes to be absorbed rapidly into the skin. They also facilitate the efficient and correct integration of the lipids into our skin structure for maximum reinforcement of the skin barrier.