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Invigorating Oil Free Night Cream


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Invigorating Night Cream


Finally, a revolutionary new skincare with advanced liposome technology

Vesiderm promotes the idea of sustainable healthy skin in the best way with the complete range of products which are developed in-house with scientific research and tested on various skin types. Especially for eczema skin, we have Vesi+Derm Daily Skin Fortifying Body lotion & Vesi+Derm Intense Fortifying Cream. We have formulated these with advanced liposomes technology which makes it a great moisturizer for sensitive skin. Our body lotion comes in convenient 200 ml pack, optimum for treating the complete body skin dryness. It is the best body moisturizer Singapore as it contains more than 10 trillion active liposomes per ml which effectively work on eczema skin.

Vesiderm doesn’t contain any synthetic chemicals or steroids as they can reduce itching & inflammation but can lead to stretch marks and thinning of skin in the long use. It contains natural ingredients which act as barrier repair moisturizer. 

Liposomes can effectively treat eczema especially atopic eczema which is associated with dry skin, itching, redness of skin etc. Liposomes contain lipids and water which help to moisturize the sensitive skin. It also prevents epidermal moisture loss. The liposome cream Singapore offers deep skin hydration and provides optimum protection against aging and environmental toxins

You can easily buy our skin products online through our website. For face care products online, we have intensifying fortifying cream which has none greasy formula and even slows down the wrinkle formation and ageing. Vesiderm stands right at the top when we talk about all the different hand and body lotion brands in Singapore.

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The Revolutionary New Scientific Skincare Formulation with advance Liposome Technology for deep skin hydration and protection against premature aging and environmental toxins.
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Clinical and scientific research has validated the efficacy of Vesiderm™ liposomes in Collagen Induction in Human Dermal Fibroblast and protecting skin against moisture loss and penetration of external toxic agent.
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Vesi+Derm unique scientific formulation contains 10 trillion Vesiderm™ liposomes per ml to fortify the skin against harsh environmental pollutants and revitalize skin.
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Vesi +Derm skin range is suitable for use on severe dry and sensitive skin. It helps to promote healthy skin by providing instant relief from the dry itchiness of inflamed skin in psoriasis and eczema.