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Invigorating Oil Free Night Cream


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Invigorating Night Cream


Finally, a revolutionary new skincare with advanced liposome technology

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The Revolutionary New Scientific Skincare Formulation with advance Liposome Technology for deep skin hydration and protection against premature aging and environmental toxins.
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Clinical and scientific research has validated the efficacy of Vesiderm™ liposomes in Collagen Induction in Human Dermal Fibroblast and protecting skin against moisture loss and penetration of external toxic agent.
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Vesi+Derm unique scientific formulation contains 10 trillion Vesiderm™ liposomes per ml to fortify the skin against harsh environmental pollutants and revitalize skin.
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Vesi +Derm skin range is suitable for use on severe dry and sensitive skin. It helps to promote healthy skin by providing instant relief from the dry itchiness of inflamed skin in psoriasis and eczema.