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Topical Application of Yolk Leciithin Liposomes Reinforces Skin Barrier Function Against Chemical Agents such as Psoriasis- inducing IMQ and alleviates Disease Phenotype :
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The skin is our body’s largest organ and acts as in impenetrable defence barrier against environmental toxins, radiation and germs. In babies, their skin is both soft and supple as the skin renews itself once every month. However, in adults the time lapse between each skin renewal is much longer. Hence without proper care and maintenance, the lipids and moisture levels in the skin of adults tend to deplete, causing dryness. This leads to a compromise in our skin defence barrier allowing environmental toxins, radiation and germs to enter into our bodies freely, causing health problems like psoriasis. Yolk Lecithin Liposome (YLL) has been proven to be effective in restoring compromised skin defence barriers and preventing psoriasis-inducing agents from entering into the inner layers of the skin. YLL are small highly water soluble lipid vesicles where water molecules are encapsulated with a layer of egg yolk lipids. This allows the YLL to penetrate the skin rapidly, replenishing its depleted lipid and moisture levels at a fast rate. This not only restores the skin defence barrier but also keep it healthy. Scientific investigations have also shown that YLL not only promotes growth of human stem and skin cells but it also increases collegan production in the skin cells. Using the YLL technology, Vesiderm Pte Ltd has licensed YLL technology and developed the Vesi+Derm Skin Care Range to rejuvenate skin barrier in adults or individuals with compromised skin barrier problems such as psoriasis and eczema. (ef: Clinical and Experimental Dermatology and Therapies published on 8th June 2018 )