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What are liposomes?
Liposomes are special lipid bubbles. These bubbles are water soluble because the lipids are bioengineered into spherical bilayers with water-compatible surfaces. These spheres have an internal core of water. They are not tiny lipid droplets. Lipid droplets do not have a central water core and they separate from water when left standing.

Liposomes are used mainly to carry drugs to either protect the drug from rapid degradation or to make the drugs more water soluble. Although they are ideal for delivering skincare nutrients, they are rarely used because of their prohibitively high cost of manufacturing.

What are Vesiderm liposomes?
Vesiderm liposomes are made using yolk lecithin which are lipids from egg yolks. Unlike plant lecithin, yolk lecithin lipids are more similar to lipids in our skin.

By licensing the latest and most innovative liposome manufacturing technologies from ASTAR, Vesiderm can now produce high quality bona fide liposomes at competitive cost for skincare use.

Why are Vesiderm liposomes good for our skin?
Three reasons:

One, Vesiderm liposomes use highly nutritious lipids from egg yolk known as yolk lecithin. Yolk lecithin is a well-known health food supplement. Egg yolk is widely used as a skincare agent in many ancient cultures and traditional medicines. This use is corroborated by modern scientific analysis showing that egg yolk lipids are highly similar to human skin lipids and their precursors. Research have shown that Vesiderm liposomes are readily absorbed by human skin and increase skin hydration.

Two, Vesiderm liposomes are very small and water soluble. They have been scientifically documented to enter the skin barrier rapidly to deliver lipids and water where they are most needed.

Three, the lipids in Vesiderm liposomes are organized in the same natural bi-lipid layers that are found in our skin barrier. Therefore, lipids in Vesiderm liposomes can integrate efficiently into our skin.

Why are lipids important in our skin?
Lipids are the main component in our skin barrier that protects us against entry of environmental irritants and germs into our body, and prevent excessive loss of water.
Why do we need to supplement lipids in our skin?
Our skin normally loses a lot (~40-80 mg) of lipids a day and this loss is compensated by lipid synthesis in the skin. In dry harsh conditions or as we aged, this loss is greatly increased or the rate of lipid production is reduced. These will lead to depletion of lipids in the skin and cause xerosis (dry skin). Our skin barrier will then be compromised and our body will be vulnerable to the entry of environmental irritants and germs.
Does applying lipids on our skin help our skin?
When applied to skin, most lipids form a superficial lipid layer over the skin as a waterproof cover to prevent water loss. They are easily removed by bathing, washing or wiping, leaving the skin vulnerable to irritants and germs.
How Vesiderm liposomes help to achieve good skin health?
Compromised skin barrier that allows unfettered infiltration of environmental irritants is a driver of many skin diseases such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. Research have shown that frequent use of Vesiderm liposomes fortify the skin barrier and reduce infiltration of environmental irritants including psoriasis-inducing agents (patent pending).
Why are Vesiderm liposomes di¬fferent from liposomes used in other cosmetics?
Unlike liposomes found in other cosmetic products, Vesiderm liposomes are made using natural lipids in yolk lecithin, and not plant lecithin, synthetic lipids or polymers. Yolk lecithin is superior as its lipid composition resembles human skin lipids. Vesiderm liposomes are true liposomes that are verified by electron microscopy. They are not nano emulsions or tiny oil droplets made by vigorous mixing of lecithin and water. These tiny droplets may resemble liposomes in size but they do not behave like liposomes.
Will liposomes enter our blood stream?
The skin barrier is made of protein-filled dead cells surrounded by lipids. The top layer of the skin barrier is constantly sloughed off. Extensive research shows that liposomes on our skin will only enter the skin barrier, and will not reach the living cells below the skin barrier. The liposomes will not enter the blood stream.
Would the yolk lipids trigger allergic reactions in egg-sensitive people?
Egg allergy is caused by proteins and not lipids in the egg. Egg yolk lipids are used in several common pharmaceutical preparations. The American Academy Of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology ( has determined that yolk lipids do not trigger egg allergy reactions. The US FDA classified yolk lecithin as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).
Is Vesi+Derm skincare range suitable for sensitive skin?
Vesi+Derm skin care range is suitable for use on severe dry skin and sensitive skin. It is scientifically formulated to provide immediate relief from the dry itchiness of inflamed skin in psoriasis and eczema, and promote healthy skin.
Instruction for Use of Vesiderm Products
  1. For efficacious skincare, apply to dry clean skin at least twice a day.
  2. As this is a high intensive lotion and different skin types have unique replenishment requirements, test your skin replenishment needs with a small drop on one palm.
  3. Rub hands together and spread the lotion over both hands until it is absorbed.
  4. If necessary, use more lotion until hands feel hydrated and supple.
  5. The amount of lotion needed for your hands will be a good estimate of the amount of lotion to a cover a similar area for the rest of your body.

  • Important: Apply on dry skin and not wet or damp skin